Each week, Saturday Night Live's wild card is the celebrity guest host. The host of the show could be an actor whose sensibility fits in perfectly with the cast...or a painfully unfunny athlete or politician.

When Oprah asks for their favorite guest hosts, each of theseSNL veterans has their personal preference.

"Richard Pryor," Chevy says. "But that's way back."

Jane selects Monty Python's Michael Palin. "Oh, yeah, he was good," Chevy says.

Dana picks two of his favorites: Charlton Heston and William Shatner.

Tracy's favorite host was Samuel L. Jackson. "I really enjoyed him," Tracy jokes. "Because I was in every sketch."

For Tina, it's all about her 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin. "He was just so skilled it was like having an extra cast member," she says. "You could do whatever you want."


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