Dakota Fanning

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After having worked with legends such as Sean Penn, Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington, what could Dakota possibly do next? Cheerleading camp, of course! Dakota, now a sophomore in high school, is on the varsity cheerleading squad. "I was homeschooled from second grade to eighth grade, and when it was time for ninth grade and high school, I felt like no matter what age people were, they always talked about their high school experience," Dakota says. "I wanted to have that experience."

This summer, Dakota participated in the USA Cheer Camp in Santa Barbara with 600 other cheerleaders. She and her team were evaluated on their cheers, dances and stunts. "I get really nervous because you have to learn the cheers, and there are other people watching you and the other girls are watching you," Dakota says. "But it's fun because you actually make friends with the other teams."