Dakota Fanning

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Tearful confessions don't phase Dakota...and neither do kissing scenes. In one of her first forays into romance, Dakota and co-star Tristan Wilds share a kiss in the film.

"I really have to thank Tristan because he really made me feel comfortable," she says. "I think we really knew each other well, and we made each other feel very at ease with that. There was no awkwardness going on, and [the director] didn't make us do it a million times."

Off-screen, Dakota says she and Tristan are friends, but when the director said action, they became their characters. With so many technical aspects to consider, there also wasn't time to get lost in the moment. "When you're setting up, [they say] 'When you go in, hold your head here, and then at this point, turn your head here,'" she says. "You're like, 'Okay. We do have to kiss at some point. It can't be all about the face angles.' But, you know, it was good. He's such a nice, nice, nice person."