Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson and Sophie Okonedo

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Between juggling a film and a singing career, Alicia says sometimes she just needs a break to do something for herself. "We all work very hard and we have a lot of responsibilities, and it just kind of started weighing down on me and I realized I needed to kind of break away and see something I'd never seen before. Do something I never did before," she says. The getaway Alicia chose was to the awe-inspiring pyramids of Egypt. "It's historic, and I just felt renewed because I felt if such wonderful human beings could build such structures that can never be broken down, then neither can we. We can never be broken."

Latifah says she was inspired by Alicia's trip and decided to take one of her own! She traveled to Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh. "It's one of the best places to snorkel in the world," she says. "And [see] wonderfully handsome Egyptian men!" When she can't take an elaborate trip, Latifah says she finds ways at home to center herself. "I'll get on my motorcycle and ride—I've got a helmet on and nobody knows it's me, so I can kind of dip around and be free. Be at one with myself," she says.

Dakota says she turns to her loved ones when she needs a break. "I love to be at home with my family and friends. I think that's important," she says. "I also ride my horse."

For Jennifer, sanctuary is in her art. "I like to draw," she says. "That's what I call finding my inner peace. Put my music in my ears and just draw and it helps me escape."

When Sophie needs to get away from work, she goes back to what she says is her real full-time job—being a mom. "And I daydream an awful lot," she says.