Jennifer Hudson

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The last time Jennifer Hudson visited The Oprah Show, she was celebrating her Oscar®-winning performance in Dreamgirls. Given that Jennifer's initial pursuit was a singing career, becoming an actress has been an amazing turn of events. "I've been introduced into a whole new industry and a world that I didn't expect such as acting. I had never thought of it before, and so it's such a beautiful surprise," Jennifer says. "My favorite part is that I get to be someone else and then do things that I would normally get in trouble for."

Jennifer's rise to stardom started in 2004 when she was a contestant on the television show American Idol. Since competing on Idol, Jennifer says she is grateful for all that she has experienced. "Every moment, each and every day is another beautiful surprise after another," she says. "I have to take a moment out of all of that and just say, 'Wow.'"