After exploring the definition of beauty around the world, Jessica and her friend Ken came home with a new perspective of America's beauty industry.

"I actually came back a bit embarrassed and a bit ashamed of the industry that I'm in," Ken says. "Because the industry that I've been a part of and was so proud of in the beginning has alienated so many people and done exactly what it's done to Jessica and many of the women I'm sure that sit here. [It's] made them feel like they don't fit within that idea of beauty."

Ken says this adventure reinforced his belief that real women and real beauty should be celebrated.

Jessica says she learned there's only one person who can define what's beautiful—you.

"Nobody's words, nobody's compliments, nobody's love, none of's all what I have within myself," she says. "Every day will continue to be a journey. Every day, we'll find something new out about ourselves that is authentic and is unique, but I really just finally relaxed. I don't care what people have to say about my weight. I really don't, because I think I look great."

Lisa Ling reports on China's beauty boom


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