On The Price of Beauty, Jessica and her two best friends, Cacee Cobb and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, traveled to seven different nations to see what lengths women will go to in the name of beauty.

In every country, local beauty ambassadors helped them discover unique rituals and traditions. In Japan, Jessica and her friends explored Geisha culture, and in India, they learned about a detoxifying beverage made of cow urine. In Paris, Jessica walked the runway at a couture fashion show and met Isabel Caro, a former model who nearly starved herself for fashion.

Watch Jessica's conversation with Isabel. Watch

Then, while traveling through Morocco, Jessica had an aha! moment. "I definitely will walk away from Morocco respecting myself more. I'm interested in learning more about myself and what I value in myself and letting that be the beautiful part of me, rather than putting on the makeup or wearing the right designer," she says. "It really is about the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful."


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