In recent years, singer Jessica Simpson has been picked apart publicly for her relationships, breakups, bust size and haircolor. If she gains 10 pounds or wears what some consider an unflattering outfit, pictures are splashed across the tabloids.

Every move Jessica makes seems to be fodder for sensational and, at times, nasty headlines. In January 2009, pictures of Jessica wearing so-called "mom jeans" caused a media frenzy, and critics called her fat.

Then, during her year-and-a-half-long romance with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, some fans and press blamed Jessica whenever Tony had a bad game. After their breakup, the avalanche of criticism tapered off...until now.

In February 2010, singer John Mayer—Jessica's on-again-off-again boyfriend for two years—gave a revealing, kiss-and-tell interview to Playboy magazine. In the article, he compared sex with Jessica to crack cocaine and shared details of their intimate sexual history.

For the first time, Jessica is speaking publicly about the criticism and betrayal that, she says, almost destroyed her.


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