Pam has written a candid memoir about her life called Foxy: My Life in Three Acts. In it, she discusses some of the men she dated over the years, including comedian Richard Pryor.

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"With Richard, he really liked my simplicity," Pam says. "He didn't like the Hollywood images and all of that flamboyance."

Pam says there was a side to Richard most people didn't know about. "He couldn't read," she says. "He would learn his lines phonetically, and people would help him learn his lines. He said, 'Baby, I want to learn how to read, and I want to read War and Peace.'"

Pam and Richard were together for a year and a half before calling it quits. "He would say 'Baby, I know you're simple, and I love this about you and you're endearing. No drugs, no drinking—all of that stuff gets me into trouble. But I'm afraid I may not be funny if I'm sober,'" she says. "And he fought that. He battled with that."

After a gynecologist visit, Pam says she discovered Richard's vices were affecting her too. She writes candidly about the experience with the hope of informing women who may be at risk. "There was an epidemic of a lot of people doing cocaine," she says. "And it accumulated in the body and often in the prostate gland. It would come out during your sexual activity and [end up] inside a woman."

Pam's doctor cautioned her about the dangers of having unprotected sex with Richard. "[The cocaine] could harm the woman's internal organs," she says. "So I had to tell Richard, 'You're going to have to wear a raincoat—a condom.' And he had an issue with that, and I said, 'Well, it's my life. You have to understand.' So I chose me."


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