Today, Pam lives on a farm in rural Colorado, which she shares with her dogs and horses.

Pam says most people assume she lives in Los Angeles or New York City, but she finds rural life calming. "I come home to a well of fresh, clear mountain water with no chemicals in it and clean air," she says. "Sometimes you can walk out here naked."

Although she has many happy childhood memories, there is one memory she wishes she could forget. When Pam was 6 years old, she says she was sexually abused by a group of older children who were babysitting her. Pam says she went from being a curious, outgoing child to an introvert. "I just seemed like I lost something," she says.

Watch Pam talk about the pain she has endured—and how her home helped to heal her. Watch

Pam says her peaceful, country home also helped her overcome a devastating diagnosis. At age 39, Pam discovered she had stage IV cervical cancer. "I just kept being drawn back to the simplicity of a rural life," she says. "It's my sanctuary." Fortunately, Pam is now cancer-free.


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