In 1990, The Oprah Show focused on the plight of children in crisis. Viewers were especially moved by Treveles, a young boy living in extreme rural poverty in Sugar Ditch, Mississippi. Treveles described his life in Sugar Ditch as one without bathrooms or running water, with roaches and rats in the house, and going to bed hungry. Despite these hard conditions, Treveles dreamed of getting a job so he could go to college.

Watching the show that day in Atlanta, viewer Clayton was moved by Treveles' story. "When I saw his face, I saw sadness," Clayton says. "Tears came from my eyes. People shouldn't live this way."

Clayton contacted Oprah Show producers and managed to find Treveles and his mother. Over the years, Clayton did his best to show Treveles another side of life. He bought Treveles' school supplies, took him on trips and tutored him in reading.
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