Jill and her father, Kirk, really struck a nerve when they appeared on a 2005 episode of The Oprah Show titled "When You're the Fat One in the Family." Jill, then 20, was the youngest and heaviest of four children. Kirk openly spoke of how Jill's weight bothered him and how he criticized Jill.

At the time, Jill tearfully talked about how her father's disapproval hurt her. "I've wanted my dad to accept me my whole life. He treats me differently than he treats every other person in my family," she said. "My whole life he has told me that I'm not pretty and that I'm overweight and that I need to lose weight, and he's just never been nice to me."

A year later, Jill returned to The Oprah Show. After getting gastric bypass surgery, she had lost 170 pounds and said her relationship with her father had improved significantly. "I wanted that relationship between my dad and myself, and I wanted to feel good about myself," she said. "That's why I did it."

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