For years, Carolyn has wanted to get answers from Terrence Kelly, the man who killed her mother and destroyed her face. The Oprah Show sent producer Bridgette to Robertson Correctional Institute in Abilene, Texas, to find out what Terrence has to say for himself. He claims that he unknowingly smoked a cigarette laced with drugs the night of the shooting.

Watch what else Terrence says—and Carolyn's reaction

Despite the answers he gave on camera, Carolyn says she would someday like to personally confront Terrence in a mediation session. "In a way, I kind of want to thank him because he made me become this strong woman that I am today," she says. "Being courageous and going out in public and dealing with the situation."

"I understand what you mean by wanting to thank him. This is what it took for you," Oprah says. "The message is for every other woman who's in an abusive situation: Don't let it take a bullet."

Today, Carolyn works as motivational speaker, counseling victims of domestic violence. 

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