1. Your Exes
Nobody wants to hear about who came before them in a potential relationship. Keep the ex talk to a solid zero. Ex talk just makes a person feel compared to people that shouldn't matter anymore.

2. Your Experiences Online
Keep the business of dating to yourself. Do not discuss your experiences dating online, in services, with matchmakers, etc. This keeps the business of love out of the business of love. It's tempting, but don't do it! By talking about each other's experiences dating online, you become friends comparing notes—not blossoming lovers.

3. Your Health Issues
No one wants to hear about your aches and pains on a first date (or even a second, third or fourth date). These are private matters reserved for significant others who are already in love. Don't scare off a potential mate just because your feet hurt.

4. Money
Financial issues or pluses are private. Keep them to yourself. Talking about what you have (or don't have) can lead you wide open for embarrassment...or judgment.

5. Your Pets
I'm sorry, but talking about Fefe's "cute little face" or Sheba's need to claw at the drapes is of no interest to anyone but you. Accept it.

6. Religion
It's true...talk of religion usually leads to antagonizing each other. Basic religious values are fine to chat about, but digging any deeper can ruin potential. Have beliefs you share, but oversharing too soon can scare someone away.

7. Politics
Same as religion—'nuff said.

8. Business
Like money, talk of business can lead to a business deal—not a love deal.

9. Your Kids
If you have them, talk about them...but not too much. If your entire conversation revolves around your children, your potential mate will feel left out before he's even in.

10. Criticism of Your Date
The last thing you want to do on a first date is pick apart the person who's taking you out. Keep that commentary to yourself and zip it! You want them critiquing you?

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