Hattie, the American infant featured in Babies, is now 4 years old and lives in Oakland, California. Her father, Fraser, says one of the best parts of being involved with the film is having the beginning of his daughter's life on tape. "I would have shot a lot of home movies anyway, but this way I shot 100 hours of home movies," he says.

Susie, Hattie's mother, says she was moved by the similarities between mothers all around the world. "If only we had the acres and acres and Hattie could just be running free right now," she says. "That's one of the things that made me kind of wistful for an opportunity in some ways to live like that, but also recognizing we all do what we can in our circumstances to make the most to love our kids."

Thomas says this movie is just the beginning. "It's a starting point to thinking and just reading books about different cultures, taking a plane ticket and going to Namibia and just understanding that there is not one way of doing things, but there are many ways," she says. "It's so interesting to see what other people do, and I think we can learn from that."


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