On July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy, Jr.; his wife, Carolyn; and her sister, Lauren Bessette, boarded a small airplane piloted by John. They were set to fly from New Jersey to the Kennedy family home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, for a wedding.

Hours later, the news broke that their light aircraft had gone missing and rescuers were on the scene. Oprah watched the unfolding tragedy from her farmhouse in Indiana. "I remember sitting, just like most of you, glued to the television," she says. "Hoping, praying that they were going to show up on an island somewhere."

Almost a week later, the news came that the plane's wreckage had been found and there were no survivors.

Oprah says she has thought often about the deaths of John, Carolyn and Lauren. "I know that all death is here to teach us about life," she says. "It made me think about ... how to live more presently in the now."

Watch what John, Carolyn and Lauren's death taught Oprah


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