Another Oprah Show lesson came in 1994 when actress Tracey Gold appeared on the show with Rudine—a woman who was battling severe anorexia. Tracey, who had overcome her own eating disorder, encouraged Rudine to take control of her health.

When Tracey told her to "make the little steps to fill your mind so that you can fight back," Rudine looked at her and said, "But how do you do it?"

Rudine lost her battle with anorexia in 1996, but to this day, Oprah says her question is still one of the most powerful things she's ever heard. "When I heard her say, 'But how? How do you do it?'—that was it for me. I realized that we can't just tell people what to do, but we have to offer the how," Oprah says. "That moment with Rudine forever changed the way I approached every show."


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