Two and a half years later, Tiana, almost 3 years old, is happy and healthy. To this day, Charles and Jackie have never met the family who helped save their little girl's life. "They have pretty strict rules as far as you meeting the family and knowing the family," Charles says.

In fact, the first time Charles saw Armando was on a video shown in Oprah's studio, two minutes before walking on stage. "I didn't know [his] age, race; I didn't know whether the donor was black, white, or whether it was a boy or girl—nothing," Charles says.

Little do Charles and Jackie know, Magali and her 10-year-old daughter Akary are here to meet the Tillman family for the first time.

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"I can't imagine what it feels like to see life in this baby girl and that life is because of your son's heart," Oprah says to Magali. "Are you glad you made the decision now?"

"Yes, I'm glad," Magali says.

Jackie and Charles say they've been waiting a long time to meet Magali. "In my head, I have written a letter to you over and over and over again," Jackie says. "When I finally put it all in words, there's not enough—there are no words—to thank you. There's nothing I can say to thank you enough and for you to understand what you saying yes did to us that day, because you gave her life."

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