As young boys, the Furticks say they did have a secret language, though they've put that behind them. "Are we even sure what it was? All we know is it was a verbal way for us to communicate that other people couldn't understand. That's the best definition I have," Jason says.

Though they may opt for English these days, Victor says they are still able to communicate without others catching on. "We can have a conversation without opening our mouths," he says. "I'll give Jason a look, and he'll know what I'm saying."

One thing they say that anyone can understand is "I love you." Jason says the brothers' affection for each other often surprises people. "When we're around our friends who don't necessarily do that, they don't understand our bond," he says. "I've had people ask me 'Did you really just tell your brother you love him?' ... Anyone close to us knows how much we love each other and how much we care for each other, so we have no problem saying that in front of people."


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