In 2001, Jonathan Franzen's book The Corrections—a comic and tragic story about a family breaking down in an age of easy fixes—dazzled critics and readers alike. It became a best-seller, a National Book Award winner, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and an Oprah's Book Club pick.

Fans waited nine years for Jonathan's next novel, and in 2010, they were rewarded with Freedom. In Freedom, Jonathan returns to fiction with another funny-sad story. This time, Jonathan introduces us to the Berglunds, a Midwestern couple slowly drifting apart as the years go by.

The debut of Freedom has been met with unbridled enthusiasm. Readers have pushed it to the top of the charts, Time magazine is calling Jonathan a great American novelist and even President Barack Obama is a fan. And, once again, Jonathan's work has caught the attention of Oprah: In September 2010, she made it her latest book club pick.


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