Life in Amish country

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Oprah and Gayle's road trip concluded months ago, but the Amish people are once again in the forefront of their minds. On October 2, 2006, an Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, suffered a devastating loss after 10 young girls were shot at their one-room schoolhouse by a man who then turned the gun on himself. "I still wake up thinking about those girls," Oprah says.

Recently The Oprah Winfrey Show contacted David Kline, Emily's father, and asked him to share his thoughts on the tragic incident. "He wanted us all to know that the Amish people around this country have been deeply affected by this tragedy," Oprah says. "They have never experienced anything like this before, and they're all still trying to make sense of it. They're looking to each other, he says, and to God for strength."