Becky says she now regrets ever writing to Diane. "I have an amazing family, and there's not room in my life for someone like Diane Downs," Becky says.

Still, Becky says there have been moments when she was fearful of turning into her biological mother. After a particularly hard day, Becky says she sought advice from a counselor. "I was stressed out—bills were due, I had just lost a child—I had the weight of the world on my shoulders," Becky says. "I felt like I was going crazy, honestly. I went into my counselor and I said: 'Am I like her? Am I going crazy?' And she grabbed my hand, she looked me straight in the eye, and she said, 'Honey, crazy people don't know they're crazy.' She says, 'You're dealing with life.'"

Diane may be the woman who gave birth to her, but Becky says they don't have to have a connection. "I was raised in a godly home, and I'm well adjusted," she says. "My son is amazing and well adjusted. And if I don't want to, I don't have to think about Diane again."

Becky has tried to reach out to her surviving half-brother and half-sister, but they have chosen to remain private. "Understandably, it was something that was very difficult for them to get through," Becky says. "But they're doing well. They're very well adjusted and happy, and we kind of left it at that."


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