At 20 years old, Becky found herself broke, homeless and pregnant for a second time. "I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make," she says. "I decided to put [my son] up for adoption."

Hoping to find someone who could understand, Becky turned to the woman who had given her up as a baby. "I was in so much pain from losing my son that I wanted to relate to somebody," she says. "I wanted to know that the pain I felt was okay, and I reached out to Diane."

Becky wrote a letter to Diane in prison telling her who she was. "She responded quite normally, actually," Becky says. "She related to some of the things that I had written to her. She had been excited that I contacted her, and she said that she always knew I would."

The next letter she received from Diane wasn't so nice. "About the second letter, I became curious about my biological father, and I had asked her questions. It angered her," Becky says. "She seemed to throw tantrums, and she didn't understand why I wanted to find him. I think it was her way of keeping me in contact with her...she wouldn't tell me who he was."

As time went on, Becky says Diane's letters became frightening. "Her letters started to be conspiracy theories—she believed that she was being kept in prison to be kept safe," she says. "I asked her to stop writing at one point—this was after she told me people had been watching me my whole life and were trying to kill me—and at that point, she then accused me of being one trying to kill her."


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