Diane is still in jail and maintains her innocence to this day. Her surviving children were adopted by the prosecutor in this case and his wife. Christie and Danny are now in their 30s and have chosen to live private lives.

However, there is one more child entangled in this story. During the trial, it was revealed that Diane was pregnant. She never identified the baby's father, and the media speculated she did it to gain sympathy from the jury.

In 1988, Oprah interviewed Diane from prison and asked her why she got pregnant. "I missed my kids desperately. I had just seen Christie on the 2nd of October, and it's like opening a wound and pouring salt in," Diane said. "I was extremely lonely beyond belief and beyond explanation. On October 13, I just went and got pregnant because I was so lonely."

Ten days after she was found guilty, Diane gave birth to a baby girl who was adopted soon after. Today, that baby is a 26-year-old woman named Becky. After years of hiding from the truth, she's speaking out about what it was like to discover that her birth mother is a cold-blooded killer.


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