The fifth student featured in Waiting For "Superman" is Bianca, a kindergartener from Harlem, New York. Her mother, Nakia, is a single mom who pays $500 a month for Bianca to attend a private school because she worries about sending her daughter to the nearby public school.

Nakia is a receptionist, but she's having trouble finding steady work. After her hours are cut back, she can no longer afford Bianca's tuition. When she falls behind in payments, Bianca is not allowed to attend her kindergarten graduation.

See Bianca and Nakia on The Oprah Show.

"I don't care what I have to do," Nakia says. "I don't care how many jobs I have to obtain, but she will go to college." Nakia made her daughter a promise: Bianca won't get everything she wants, but she will get everything she needs. That's why Nakia has submitted Bianca's application for a spot at Harlem Success Academy, a free charter school with dedicated teachers and excellent test results. Bianca is one of 767 children vying for 35 spots. She has a 5 percent chance of getting in.


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