Daisy lives in East Los Angeles, where six out of 10 students in her neighborhood don't graduate from high school. She is about to enter one of the worst-performing middle schools in Los Angeles, but Daisy has big dreams. "I want to go to a medical college or a veterinarian college to study about people and animals because I really want to become a surgeon," she says. During filming, Daisy is only in the fifth grade, but she already knows where she wants to go to college. She even wrote a letter to that college's admission office.

No one in Daisy's family has completed high school—her mother and father both dropped out to support their parents. Now, they do everything they can to support their daughter, but private school isn't an option.

Right down the street from Daisy's home is one of the best charter schools in Los Angeles: KIPP LA PREP. The school's students rank among the best in Los Angeles, and its demanding program will prepare Daisy for college in ways that her neighboring public school cannot. But with 135 students applying for just 10 spots, Daisy has a 14 percent chance of getting in.


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