Meet the five unforgettable children featured in Waiting For "Superman," a documentary that reveals the heartbreaking obstacles some kids must overcome so they can have what every child deserves: a great education.

In the film Waiting For "Superman," we meet Anthony, a student who lives in Washington, D.C., and is in the fifth grade at one of the worst-performing school districts in the country.

Although he's a good student now and studies hard, Anthony wasn't always at the top of the class. He never knew his mother, and after losing his father to drugs in 2004, he started to act out in class. He stopped caring about his grades and had to repeat second grade.

Eventually, Anthony moved in with his grandparents, and with the help of a good teacher, he began to study, pay attention in class and turn his grades around. But, will that all change next year?

After completing fifth grade, Anthony will move up to John Philip Sousa, a struggling middle school called "an academic sinkhole" by the Washington Post. Anthony's grandmother says she knows how difficult it will be for him to succeed at the school and worries about his safety. His neighborhood is plagued by crime, drugs and violence. Anthony needs a way out—and SEED Charter School could offer him that opportunity.

SEED is one of the only public boarding schools in the country, and it produces remarkable results. If accepted, Anthony would move out of his troubled neighborhood and into a challenging academic environment where nine out of 10 students go on to college. Anthony is one of 61 applicants, and with only 24 open spots, he has less than a 50 percent chance of getting into SEED.


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