Mary Tyler Moore

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Mary calls the seven years she spent on The Mary Tyler Moore Show "Camelot." Mary says the show was filmed on a lot that was also producing other classics of the time, such as The Bob Newhart Show. "From this small and neighborhood-like studio, [came] these little gems of shows that were well written and people who respected each other and who did their very best not to get the bucks, but to make a good show," Mary says. "And then from our show, Cloris Leachman had her own show. Valerie Harper had her own show."

Mary says she was proud to play a hardworking, single character on television. "What was so wonderful about the way Jim and Allan created this show was it was never a question of Mary being on a soapbox, saying, 'Look at what I'm doing and do try to emulate me because it will make you a better person,'" Mary says. "It was just, 'Here I am.'"

After the lights went out at WJM-TV, Oprah spent years wondering whatever happened to Mary Richards. What does Mary think? "There are all kinds of possibilities," Mary says. "One that I liked was that she continued working and then met and fell in love with a wonderful man and they got married and had wonderful children."