Vince Vaughn on fame

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Reports of a relationship between Vince and Jennifer Aniston began to surface when the two began shooting The Break-Up, placing the couple on the paparazzi's "must-get" list. Vince says he doesn't take the tabloid gossip personally. "It was like gossip in high school," Vince says. "There was always a certain crowd that was always kind of fascinated by it, but really for me, I've never paid much attention to it."

Growing up, Vince says he focused on perfecting his craft—not fame. "You do a couple lines on a TV show and you're thrilled and it's kind of moment to moment," he says. "You don't really gauge anything other than trying to work and be good—try to be the best you can at what you're doing."

Vince says he's concerned that the focus for many young actors today has shifted. "If you don't really love it and have something to focus on, you're setting yourself up to be disappointed," Vince says. "They sort of become actors by default because they're really just looking to be famous."