Vince Vaughn on 'The Break-Up'

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Vince says The Break-Up is different from most other romantic comedies he's encountered. "I always got a lot of romantic comedies, but they always had some really strange kind of subplot to them," says Vince. "I always just felt that relationships are odd enough by themselves. What I liked about [The Break-Up] is it's kind of the anti-romantic comedy—it's the breakup."

In the movie, Vince's character not only breaks up with his girlfriend—he gets dumped. Has Vince ever been dumped off-screen? "I've never had someone break up with me, but I don't know if that's complimentary," Vince says. "I don't know if that's because I just, you know, [was] younger, wasn't as invested in a relationship to do that, whether you were subconsciously, or whatever, protecting yourself, but...I was always very focused on my career."