Legendary Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward has written five best-selling books about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bob says there is an epidemic of disconnection in America, and it's crucial to the future of our country to change that.

"As Tom Brokaw has said, these are defining wars. It's going to define where this country goes. We need to be involved," says Bob.

Like Tom, Bob wants the voices of soldiers and their families to be heard. He introduces us to Teresa—a military mom whose son, Private First Class Michael Arciola, was killed in Iraq in 2005.

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Teresa goes to Arlington National Cemetery five or six times a year to visit her son's grave. Each time she goes, she spends the day at his graveside, playing his favorite music and reading his favorite childhood book. She says she does this because it makes her feel like she is still doing something for him.

"It doesn't get any easier, even though it's been six years. I'm afraid that people forget about him, about his sacrifice, about our other young people's sacrifice. They did it for us. People don't remember that. It's like they don't exist," says Teresa.


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