Tom wants to introduce one of the bravest families he knows—Corey and Jenny from Yankton, South Dakota.

Meet Corey and Jenny

While serving with the National Guard in 2005, Corey and his outfit were hit by a roadside bomb. Three men were killed and Corey was gravely wounded. Doctors initially told Jenny that Corey wasn't going to make it, but miraculously, Corey survived.

Life will never be the same for Corey, Jenny and their two young children. After his experience in Iraq, Corey is now blind and has severe brain injuries. He has difficulty with his speech, and Jenny helps him communicate.

"Our biggest sacrifice is time," says Jenny. "When we picked up the pieces at the hospital, we lost time there because I left home and I missed our son's first steps, his first words. We both missed it. Even here without [Corey's] sight, he feels like he's missing out. Yes, he's living every moment with us, but he's not getting to see his kids grow up."


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