Oprah's Bra Boutique

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 These shoppers may look cute and stylish, but beneath their chichi jackets and snazzy sweaters are unsightly undergarments—Oprah even uncovers straps held together with safety pins! Some women continue to wear nursing bras even though they're no longer nursing. And trying on bras is a completely new experience for one shopper—her husband buys her bras for her...on eBay!

Almost every woman is guilty of wearing a bra that is too large in bandwidth and too small in the cup. It's tempting to get hung up on cup size, Oprah says—she's been there. "I was in a C for years," she admits. "I thought only strippers were Ds." How can you tell if your cup is the right size? Your breasts should fill the cup but not spill or pop over. Your band is too big if it rides up in the back or causes your straps to fall.

Updated and uplifted, everyone's breasts now have the support they deserve. It's a "bra-ha!" moment for all!