Meanwhile, police in Wisconsin and Illinois were working around the clock to find Teri during her 26 hours in hell. Authorities were tipped off by Teri's first call, which they interpreted as a woman who had difficulty breathing.

When police arrived at the house, they saw signs of struggle. Suspicions escalated as neighbors reported seeing Teri's car hitched to David's truck. During this time, Teri's current husband had also called 911, and an Amber Alert was issued.

Det. Chris Schmaling says David was arrested at work right after leaving Teri in the storage locker. "He's picked up, and he's real matter of fact," Det. Schmaling says. "[We said]: 'There's an Amber Alert. Where's your wife? Where's your kids?' [He said], ' I just dropped my children off at Elmwood Park, Illinois, to a girlfriend's house' and hasn't seen Teri since the Wednesday prior."


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