When Teri called 911 again, she got dispatch from a different county. As she learned later, David had hitched Teri's car to his truck and dumped it off in another city. "He had the girls with him in the front of the cab," she says.

After the car was gone, Teri made a desperate attempt to attract attention in the back of the truck. "At one point I thought, 'I'm going to stick my hand out, because the lid wasn't on the garbage can, and somebody is going to see a hand hanging out and call the police," she says. "His truck stopped after that. He came back. I was either hit in the head with a baseball bat or kicked."

Teri said David threatened her. "[He said,] 'I'll get out my .38, one more stunt like that."

Then, Teri's only connection to the outside world was ripped away. "At that point, my phone rang," she says. "He took the phone. He got back in the cab, drove around. I was blacking in and out. I had no idea how long it was."


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