After being shoved into a garbage can, Teri began the fight of her life. "He put me on the back of his truck and actually he went back in the house and I knew it had to be to get the kids," she says. "Knowing that they were 4 and 6, it would take a few minutes."

Remembering she had her cell phone in her pocket, Teri managed to dial 911. "It took just a few minutes and I heard sirens. But by that time, he came back to the truck, started it up and we were on our way," she says. "The police were looking at his home for something and didn't know that we were on the road. So I heard the sirens pass me right up."

Teri then called her new husband. "I just remember him saying: 'Just hang up and call 911. Save your battery,'" she says. "I thought at the time that I had hung up right away from him and called 911. Later on I found out it was about an hour later. So I was blacking in and out."


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