After six hours of interrogation, David asked for a break—and detectives went through his wallet, which was packed with business cards. "[He] goes back to his cell, wraps himself in a warm blanket and falls fast asleep. Unbeknownst to us, she's lying there dying," he says. "So we go back, we take a look at this wallet, we find a business card. That business card is to a storage facility in Wheeling, Illinois."

Suspicious that a Wisconsin man had a storage locker in Illinois, Det. Schmaling and his partner, Det. Keith Dobesh, called the number on the card. "The storage facility said he had been there the prior day," Keith says. "They had gone out to the unit, and they had actually heard her voice inside the unit pleading for help."

Teri had been trapped for more than 20 hours in the freezing cold. Doctors estimate Teri only had an hour left to live when she was discovered—her body temperature dropped to 84 degrees. She eventually lost all of her toes to frostbite.


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