When word got out that Justin would be appearing on The Oprah Show, 9-year-old Micaiah wrote in to say she was heartbroken because her dad had promised her and her two little sisters that he would take them to a Justin Bieber concert. But before their father could fulfill his promise, he was deployed to Iraq, where he's a critical care nurse. So a few days ago, Oprah Show producers got together with the girls' father, Capt. Simon, to surprise Micaiah, Amari and Eniya with front-row seats to see Justin on The Oprah Show.

After arriving in Chicago, the girls were greeted by a very special visitor—Justin!

The girls had a great day with the teen heartthrob, but Micaiah says the best part of the experience was just sitting in the limo with Justin. "That's where we did most of our talking, and he also sang to us a little bit, and that was awesome."

Oprah has one more surprise in store for the Simon girls. Their father is Skyping in from Iraq to say hello. "Oprah, you just made me father of the year for the next decade."

To top off the day, Justin has a little gift for Capt. Simon. "When you get back, we're going to have five tickets waiting for you and your family to come to my concert on my tour," he says.

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