Justin says he's slowly adjusting to his new lifestyle. "It's been pretty crazy coming from a little town in Canada and now being able to travel the world and do what I love," he says. "I was just posting videos online just for fun. I never really thought this was possible, so I never really dreamed of it."

Once the videos were online, Justin says the interest started pouring in. "We were getting calls from a bunch of different management. My mom didn't really know what was going on," he says. "She didn't know if it was real."

Pattie says she finally signed Justin with a manager, and things took off from there. "He's got such a great team of people around him," she says. "[They] protect his character and treat him like a kid and make sure that he stays grounded and has fun. I think I would worry more if he was in high school where I wouldn't know what he was doing, whereas now I know who he's with and where he is all the time."

Now that he's reached superstar status, Justin says he's careful about who he and his mom let into their team. "We've grown to be kind of like a family," he says.


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