Backstreet Boys
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Whether burning up Billboard charts, topping video countdowns or driving stadiums of fans to tears, the Backstreet Boys have always been larger than life.

Since 1994, members A.J. McLean, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter and Howie Dorough have sold 130 million albums and graced the cover of Tiger Beat more than 20 times.

The group rose to fame during the 1990s teen pop music craze, their dance moves as smooth as the ballads that drove fans wild.

Kevin left the band in 2006, but the four remaining Backstreet Boys are still going strong. Their latest album, This Is Us, features serious star power from artists like T-Pain, and the boys will be hitting the road in spring 2011 with the New Kids on the Block.

Now, all five Backstreet Boys are reuniting for a very special surprise for their biggest fans.
Noelle and Meghan
Noelle and Meghan say they are the biggest Backstreet Boys fans on earth.

Every morning, Noelle wakes up to see a photo of Nick on her ceiling. "I have collected thousands of their pictures," she says. "Nick looks absolutely gorgeous."

Meghan says her love of the Backstreet Boys started once she became best friends with Noelle. "She even made me learn the dance with her," she says. "If she had a chance to meet the Backstreet Boys, I swear to God she'd poo her pants."

Backstreet Boys at O'Hare
To prove their love of the Backstreet Boys, Noelle and Meghan think they're flying to Chicago to compete in a search to find the group's biggest fan.

What they don't know is that all five Backstreet Boys are waiting at the gate to serenade them the minute they step off the plane. "This is a first for us all together, all five, singing at the airport," Brian says. "I hope it sounds good."

Watch the group surprise Noelle and Meghan. 

Noelle is shocked. "I thought I was going to pass out," she says.
The Backstreet Boys perform.
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After fulfilling their Oprah Show mission, all five Backstreet Boys stop by Oprah's stage to sing one of their biggest hits.

Watch the Backstreet Boys sing "I Want It That Way."

Kevin says he's thrilled to be back on Oprah's stage with the rest of the group. "I love these guys and you've been so gracious to us our entire career, and that's why I'm here," he says. "And for [the fans]."

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