More than 20 years after whipping stadiums of fans into a frenzy, Shaun says he's grateful for their support. "You have this special connection with someone if you're their first record or their first concert or their first poster or whatever it is," he says. "And I see the look. A 42-year-old woman will walk up to me and I see this beautiful little 9-year-old girl emerge in her eyes. I do. And it's so touching."

Looking back at his teenage superstardom, Shaun says his teenage years were anything but normal. "You know the clich?? about the roller coaster? It's accurate," he says. "If you like roller coasters, it's thrilling and exhilarating and often moving even. And if you don't like roller coasters, you can get sick and it can be terrifying, and I think it's all of those things all sort of blown together."


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