Growing up in Chengdu, China, Jane Zhang set her sights on becoming a singer. After her father passed away, the 15-year-old took a job singing at a local pub to help support her mother, and quickly developed her own local fan base.

In 2005, Jane was one of 120,000 hopefuls who auditioned for a new talent show, Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl. After singing Mariah Carey's "Hero," she was instantly chosen to compete for the title of the next Super Voice Girl.

Four hundred million viewers tuned in to see who would take home the title, and although Jane didn't win the competition, she became the show's breakout star. With 15 number one hit singles, Jane's been named China's Best Female Artist three years in a row. She's making her American television singing debut on The Oprah Show!


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