They may be classically trained, but Escala is not your average string quartet. Members Victoria, Izzy, Chantal and Tasya met in 2005 while playing in the backup band for English pop group McFly.

When the tour ended, the women decided to stick together. After playing weddings and parties, the group changed their tune and debuted their energetic new show in the Britain's Got Talent auditions.

Though they didn't win, Simon offered the girls a $2 million recording contract and the chance to perform around the world. "They're different," Simon says. "It's talent, and I love seeing that."

Now, they're making their international debut on The Oprah Show, performing "Live and Let Die." "We're just four great friends who just want to have fun together, and we've had the amazing opportunity to create an album that we absolutely love," Chantal says.


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