Rumors have been wildly circulating that Simon will not be returning to American Idol next season, but Oprah says she doesn't believe it. "The truth is that I did sign a contract for a period of time, which meant last year was my last year," Simon says. "I'd agreed at the end of that time period, that was it." Still, Simon says he enjoys working in the United States and that he's keeping the door open. 

Simon says initially doubted American Idol would last even two weeks. "If someone had said to me nine [seasons] ago we were going to have this conversation now, I'd say it would never happen in a million years.," he says. 

As for this season's finale, the world's toughest critic puts his money on contestant Adam Lambert. "I think he's got that 'it,' and I think he's fearless," Simon says. "I think he's unique, and he's got swagger."

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