Their seven days aren't over yet, but the Ladwigs say they've already seen a shift. Michelle is still having trouble making it home by 5:15 for dinner, but the family has decided to hold dinner until everyone's home.

Since starting the challenge, Bill says he's surprised at how relaxed his home has become. "After the kids were home from their obligations and supper, [I was surprised at] how quiet and peaceful it was in the house," he says. "It actually felt like, 'Hey, this is the time of day where we wind down.'"

Living without distractions, Michelle says, has taught her and her family an invaluable lesson. "All of the time that I had without all the distractions made me think about the reasons why I was having all those distractions in my life—and made me consider that I needed less technology and more time with my family," she says.


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