After seven days of going cold turkey, the Haynies are eager to get their electronics back—until they are thrown a curveball. "We would like to propose that you extend the challenge for another seven days," a producer says.

The family takes a vote—and Pam is the only one who resists. "I was outnumbered, so then I had to just kind of go along," she says.

Week 2 begins with more family fun like cooking lessons and walks to the park. "The first week was just like a learning process," Ron says. "This week, we really, really get to connect because I think the hard part is over."

As the week progresses, Pam says she's glad her family kept her from old habits. "We are a stronger family," Pam says. "I feel like I know my kids better than I did before. As they put down their technology, they allowed me to come into their world and see what's going on with them."


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