The Haynie family—Pam, Ron and their kids, Kristina and RJ—are so plugged in to technology they're disconnected with one another!

The moment school's out, Ron says the kids start texting. Once home, Pam says everyone heads to separate rooms to watch TV, play video games or work on the computer—they even text each other instead of talking! "I might text Kristina and tell her to bring me a glass of water or to go put the clothes in the dryer or different things like that so I won't have to get off the computer," Pam says.

They also don't eat dinner as a family. "When my husband brings the food home, everybody just runs in here, grabs their food and then they go back to their room," Pam says.

Ron says he's ready for a change. "The TV, the computer, the cell phones—it's just tearing us apart."


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