In the spirit of living with less, Oprah went through her own closet to see what she could live without—and asked her audience members to donate 10 things from their own homes. "Now more than ever, we all need to think about those who have been hardest hit by our economy, and the extra stuff in our lives might be something that somebody else really needs," Oprah says.

Everything will be donated to Community Clothes Closet, an Menasha, Wisconsin–based organization that gives gently used clothing to struggling families at no cost. "We have about 11,000 clients," says Diane, a volunteer. "They can shop twice a month for up to a year. Can you imagine the amount of money they save if they don't have to purchase clothes for the family?"

"Keep up the good work," Oprah says. "From our closets, the audience closets, my closets, our staff's closets to yours. We hope it helps."

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