In Oprah's first live with less experiment, we met widowed mom Candice, who lives in California with her sons, Derek and Darrien, in a seven-bedroom home. Their closets were full of clothes they don't wear, and Candice had $500 Jimmy Choo shoes she never wore. And, even though Candice and her sons were eating out most nights, she still spent $400 a week on groceries—much of which expired before they could eat it.

After taking Oprah's challenge, Candice realized the stuff was just covering up her grief. "My husband was taken away from me, but nobody can take away my stuff," she said.

After a week of living with less, Candice discovered what she really needed. "I don't need the stuff. I know my children don't need the stuff," she said. "All I ever needed was them, and all they ever needed was me."


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