Oprah: If you're watching at home, it's very easy to judge [and say], look how many kids [she had]. But how many of you had two and then had another one when you knew you couldn’t afford the two?

Suze: And that's the point. That’s a big, big point. ... If you can't afford one and you have two, if you can’t afford two and you have three, if you can't afford three and you have four...are you really that much different from what is happening here? I'm just asking you to think about it.

Oprah: And also, for [Nadya], the addiction is babies and medicating herself—literally. I think that's a great term that you call it: self-medicating with children. People do it with their things all the time. How many people have things that they can't afford, and then they go get something else that they can’t afford, living in houses they can’t afford?

Suze: Do you know why I really wanted to do this show?

Oprah: Why?

Suze: Seriously. I wanted to do this show because I wanted us to start changing people's addiction to judging others. Because it’s so easy to judge her—to hate her, to do whatever we've done to this woman. And if we can start to become a society where we stop judging others and just simply look at ourselves and what we’re doing, then, Ms. Winfrey, we have made the world, again, a better place.


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